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Dr Anita Rose

Clinical Psychologist, Walton Centre of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool

Dr Anita Rose is a Consultant Neuropsychologist. She works at the Raphael Medical Centre in Tonbridge and also works as an independent Consultant Neuropsychologist across the globe. She has had a passionate interest in Neuropsychology obtaining extensive experience in this field since 1998.

Anita provides significant input into the field of multiple sclerosis via her clinical work, research and consultancy to the MS Groups in the UK, as Vice Chair for the European Neuropsychology Special Interest Group in MS, and acts as a Clinical Advisor to the MS Society in South Africa. She is also known as a Champion for Brain Injury and currently holds the Chair for the acquired Brain Injury Forum London and is an Executive Committee Member for the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum.


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The MSQL Dial

The MSQL dial was designed to gather information on the extent to which MS affects aspects of a person's life. Particular attention is given to changes in cognitive function. The simple design for this questionnaire has been adapted from a tool developed by Dr Ate Dijkstra, called the Care Dependency Scale.*


Dijkstra A. Care Dependency: an assessment instrument for use in long-term care facilities. Groningen: Stichting Drukkerij C. Regenboog, 1998.

NICE guidelines state: "Any person with MS complaining of cognitive problems... should be offered a formal cognitive assessment".

In June 2007 a panel of healthcare professionals with a strong interest in and/or practical experience of cognitive problems in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) met to explore the potential for greater screening of cognitive function in routine clinical management of people with MS. One of the outcomes from the meeting was the plan to implement this MSQL survey.

The following people all contributed to the development of this new survey: